Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Newlywed Game

A.) The host gets 3 suggestions of newlywed show questions and writes them down and puts them in his or her pocket. He should have the persona of a TV game show host.
B.) Then the two people that will be the couple come back in and gets a suggestion of how these two people met.
C.) The couple will then perform three short scenes (the “host” can pop in as a support character from time to time). The characters should pick strong characters based on the suggestion (What types of people would meet this way?). The characters will “get to know” one another throughout the scenes…try and learn a lot about each other’s personalities, likes and dislikes.

1.) When they first met.
2.) When they moved in together.
3.) The proposal.
D.) The hosts will then jump into being the host of the newlywed show and ask the questions. Have the spouse that the question is about write the answer down on a clip board.
1.) Ask a question to the husband about the wife
2.) Ask a question to the wife about the husband
3.) Let the couple decide who the question should be about
E.) The couple either fights or rejoices in winning or loosing (Basically the host decides how to win, tell them what they’ve won bla bla bla) as the host cuts the scene by ending the show.

It is really hard to get this game right. When I wrote it down on paper it sounded really cool, but when I practiced it with my partner it just didn't click. Then when we actually did it in front of an audience we had a really strong relationship, and we put everything on the table in extremely creative ways. It was a total blast. It is the ultimate yes/and game. Shout out Meredith Myers who did this with me!

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