Friday, October 1, 2010

"Friends for Life"

This is kind of a Harold-variant that we came up with for a 10-15 minute slot, but can obviously be adjusted for length.

The premise is that we follow a long-term friendship (given by the audience, or to avoid playing 'brother sister' every time, take what the audience suggests and do a little pattern web until you stumble upon a new relationship like carnies, etc.) in 6 scenes, the form of these scenes is:

1-The meeting
2-somewhere in the middle, they've known each other a while
3-the end or near the end (someone's dying, retiring, graduating)
4-back to the early stages, given the updates that we have had in scenes 2 and 3 there is some urge to explain how things end up that way, but no necessity
5-again, in the middle, can be the events prior to or after 2
6-Some freedom to play here, definitely towards the end, but it can be the final moments of the friendship, after 3, right before 3, the last time they see each other and are happy about it.

An example of the "happy about it," college roommates:
1-move in day
2-mid semester
3-20 years later they haven't talked in forever and one is more successful than the other, has to leave
4- the first party they attend together
5- one of them goes through a break up with a girl introduced earlier
6-Graduation day, when they vow to always keep in touch

Boom bittersweet.

The most gut-busting hilarious ending? no. Bittersweet? Yes. Interesting to watch? You better believe it

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